function class parent truncated documentation
_setup_hook   if this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything goes on …
audio2wav   The sound is converted into wav and returned as an AudioArrayClip. Le son est converti au format …
audio_compose   Concatenates or superposes two sounds. Ajoute ou superpose deux sons.
audio_concatenate   Concatenates sounds. Met bout à bout des sons.
audio_extract_audio   Extracts a part of an audio. Extrait une partie du son. Uses subclip. …
audio_modification   Modifies a sound. Modifie un son.
audio_save   Saves as a sound. Enregistre un son dans un fichier. Uses write_audiofile. …
blur   Blurs a part of a picture. Uses blur. …
check   Checks a couple of functionality works. The test takes 5-6 seconds to download, 4-5 seconds to process the video. …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception.
check   run checking functions
check_chute   basic checkings
check_echiquier   basic checkings
check_pyramide   basic checkings
check_tri   basic checkings
clean_function_notebook   Cleans cells when unittesting notebooks.
clean_video   Cleans residual open streams. It is related to the following issues:
copy_jstool2notebook   Copies a tool to notebook folder.
display_canvas_point   Adds a canvas to draw from a notebook, the code use javascript.
distance   Computes the distance between two positions.
distance_circuit   Computes the distance of this circuit. Calcule la longueur d’un circuit.
distance_point   Returns the Euclidian distance between two points. Retourne la distance euclidienne entre deux points.
download_youtube_video   Downloads a video from youtube with pytube. Télécharge une vidéo depuis youtube avec pytube. …
execute_notebooks   Executes a list of notebooks.
find_best_positions_greedy   Finds the best position for name, explore all positions.
get_additional_paths   Returns a list of paths to add before running the notebooks, paths to pyquickhelper, …
get_wrapped   Retrives the video or the audio wrapped or not wrapped into obj.
instruction_pass   Cette fonction ne fait rien.
load_ipython_extension   to allow the call %load_ext code_beatrix
load_prenoms_w   returns a list of first names, taken from Nominis.
local_d3js   try to find a local copy of d3js
ls_notebooks   Returns the list of notebooks in a particular subfolder.
measure_positions   Returns the sum of edges weights.
optimize_positions   Optimizes the positions.
permutation   Switches two points and returns a new path. Echange deux points et retourne le nouveau circuit.
plot_circuit   Plots the circuit on a graph. Dessine la solution du voyageur de commerce.
plot_positions   Draws positions and first names into a graph.
random_positions   Draws random position for some person in a classroom.
rectangle   Draws a rectangle. Uses blur. …
register_scratch_magics   register magics function, can be called from a notebook
reverse   Reverses a sub part of circuit. Retourne une partie du circuit.
video_compose   Concatenates or superposes two videos. Ajoute ou superpose deux vidéos.
video_concatenate   Concatenates videos. Met bout à bout des vidéos.
video_enumerate_frames   Enumerates frames from a video. Itère sur des images depuis une vidéo.
video_extract_audio   Returns the audio of a video. Retourne le son d’une vidéo.
video_extract_video   Extracts a part of a video. Extrait une partie de la vidéo. Uses subclip. …
video_frame   Creates a video from drawing or images. fct_frame can either be a function which draws a picture at time t or …
video_image   Creates a ImageClip. Créé une vidéo à partir d’une image.
video_load   Loads a video. Charge une vidéo.
video_map_images   Applies one complex process to a video such as extracting characters from videos and removing the backaground. It …
video_map_images_detect   Blurs people faces. Uses function detectmultiscale. …
video_map_images_people   Extracts characters from a movie. The movie is composed with an image and a mask. …
video_modification   Modifies a video. Modifie une vidéo.
video_position   Modifies the position of a position. Modifie la position d’une video. Relies on function set_position. …
video_remove_audio   Returns the same video without audio. Retourne la même vidéo sans le son.
video_replace_audio   Replaces the sound of a video. Remplace la bande-son d’une vidéo.
video_resize   Resizes a video. Modifie la taille d’une video. Relies on function resize. …
video_save   Saves as a video or as a gif. Enregistre une vidéo dans un fichier. Uses write_videofile. …
video_save_image   Saves one image from a video. Enregistre une image extraite d’une vidéo.
video_text   Creates an image with text (ImageClip). Créé une image à partir de texte.
voyageur_commerce_simple   Solves the TSP using basic permutations, points are 2D coordinates. Résoud le problème du voyageur de commerce.
voyageur_de_commerce_points   Default values for the notebook Voyageur de commerce.