function class parent truncated documentation
_setup_hook   if this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything ...
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception.
check   run checking functions :githublink:
check_chute   basic checkings :githublink:
check_echiquier   basic checkings :githublink:
check_pyramide   basic checkings :githublink:
check_tri   basic checkings :githublink:
clean_function_notebook   function which clean cells when unittesting notebooks 1A
copy_jstool2ipython   copy a tool to ipython folder
display_canvas_point   add a canvas to draw from a notebook, the code use javascript
distance   computes the distance between two positions
distance_circuit   computes the distance of this circuit
distance_point   returns the distance between two points
execute_notebooks   execute a list of notebooks
find_best_positions_greedy   find the best position for name, explore all positions
get_additional_paths   returns a list of paths to add before running the notebooks, paths to pyquickhelper, pyensae, pymmails
instruction_pass   Cette fonction ne fait rien.
load_ipython_extension   to allow the call
load_prenoms_w   returns a list of first names, taken from
local_d3js   try to find a local copy of d3js
ls_notebooks   list the notebooks in a particular subfolder
measure_positions   returns the sum of edges weights
optimize_positions   optimize the positions
permutation   switch two points and return a new path
plot_circuit   plot the circuit on a graph
plot_positions   draw positions and first names into a graph
random_positions   draws random position for some person in a classroom
register_scratch_magics   register magics function, can be called from a notebook
reverse   reverse a sub part of circuit
unittest_raise_exception_notebook   same code for all unit tests
voyageur_commerce_simple   solves the TSP using basic permutations, points are 2D coordinates
voyageur_de_commerce_points   default value for the notebook